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We are happy to present our large assortment of 3D filament by eSun. Discover the user-friendly filament with multiple colors and material options.

About eSun

Shenzhen eSun Industrial CO., Ltd is a Chinese manufacturer of 3D filament that was founded in 2002. Being one of the largest filament brands in the world, their filament is used for prototyping and design in industries like Arts & Culture, education, and the medical world. The filament brand is also a popular choice for 3D printing enthusiasts for creating models at the best value. eSun focuses on research and development, coming up with new filament material types with unique functions and capabilities. Explore our selection of eSun filament for a satisfying printing experience.

eSun filament characteristics

The 3D filament by eSun is embraced for the many design and usage possibilities it brings. The available filament materials offer a solution for every 3D project thanks to the large selection. Printing with filament by eSun will ensure reliable and consistent good-looking prints at a great price. The company makes standard PLA filament known for its good adhesion qualities or their popular PETG filament which has become a consumer favorite. Be sure to follow the printing instructions that come with the filament for the best printing outcome. To maintain the quality of the filament, store your filament in a cool and dry place. 

Special eSun filament

We would like to highlight a few of eSun’s special filament such as eSun’s eFlex TPE filament material with high flexibility and chemical resistance. View eSun’s eLastic filament which is also a TPE filament with extreme flexibility. Another interesting filament material is eMate by eSun. It is a PCL filament that can be printed between the low temperatures 80°C-100°C, ideal for most 3D printers. eMate filament is biodegradable and can be remodeled when placed in warm water.  

Do you have questions about the 3D filament by eSun? Please contact our customer service. We are happy to be of assistance.

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